Network Top Awards

If you were a Beaver, Cub or Scout, you'll already know that being a Scout is all about completing awards at every step of the journey. As an Explorer, there are more chances to soar than ever before, as you'll be introduced to a whole new range of Top Awards. You can work towards as many awards as you like, at your own pace.

Are you ready? Let's get stuck in. 

Chief Scout’s Platinum Award 

The Chief Scout’s Platinum Award is the culmination of everything you do as a young person in Scouts. It's a chance to celebrate your progress, and take stock of how far you've come.

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Chief Scout’s Diamond Award 

The Chief Scout's Diamond Award is the highest of the Chief Scout's Awards.

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The Queen's Scout Award

The Queen's Scout Award is the top achievement for Explorer Scouts and Scout Network members. Earning it is a huge achievement!

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Duke of Edinburgh Award

Find out about completing the Duke of Edinburgh's Award through Scouting

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Meet Sheena Burress

County Awards Advisor

Hi, I am Sheena and i am the County Awards Advisor.

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