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14 - 25 team

Jo Haynes

ACC 14 - 25

Jo is a Queen's Scout and leads the 14-25 Team across Hertfordshire, reporting to the Deputy County Commissioner for Programme.


Kayleigh Malone

 County Youth Commissioner


I am responsible for promoting Youth Shaped Scouting and empowering others to get involved and giving young people opportunities to feedback on their lived scouting experience.


Geoff Angel

County Network Leader


Keith Ingrey

County Explorer Leader

I provide support for Explorer Scouting in Hertfordshire.

This includes everything from advice on program planning to helping Districts and Explorer units with governance matters.


Michael Cranfield

Top Awards Co-ordinator

My role is to promote the King’s Scout and Scouts of the World Awards to Explorers and Network members and provide guidance to Leaders and Supporters to support members achieve the awards


Steve Skittrall

County DofE Advisor

I look after all the DofE awards for the County.

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