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Options at 18

Your Scouting journey continues after you are 18, when you automatically become part of your local Scout Network. Whether you're going away to university or staying at home, there's an option for you.

Scout Network for all

  • Be part of a vibrant, active and fun section that allows you to continue Scouting wherever you are.

  • Take part in all your favourite Scouting and adventurous activities, both at home and abroad.

  • Receive support in achieving Scouting's top awards including the Explorer Belt, Duke of Edinburgh Gold and Queen's Scout Award.

If you are going to University consider looking out for SSAGO (The Student Scout and Guide Organisation) at your freshers week. Visit their website.

In addition you can also choose to get involved in Scouting by:


  • Become an occasional helper or take out an appointment

  • Work with young people regularly

  • Directly contribute towards their personal development and yours


  • Use skills you already have and develop new ones

  • Gain experience and achieve National Governing Body qualification and Scout Adventurous Activity permits

  • Share your skills in District, at a County Activity Centre or as part of Scout Active Support


  • Support your local Group, District or County Activity Centre

  • A variety of roles awaits in a wide rage of Scouting events and activities

  • Support Scouting in a flexible way

So take the plunge, contact your local Scout Network Commissioner, who can help you find out more about your options and help you stay involved today...

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