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11 - 13 
October 2024


What is Peak Assault?

Peak Assault is a navigation competition for teams of young people in an upland area of England or Wales. The location is traditionally kept a secret, but in the past Peak Assault has visited many upland areas including: The Peak District, The Lake District, North Wales, Dartmoor, Exmoor and the Brecon Beacons.


The competition takes place over a weekend and teams must navigate to check points around the course to collect as many points as possible throughout Saturday and again on Sunday morning.

Peak Assault has been taking place almost every year since 1968 and attracts more than 250 people in over 30 teams.


Who can enter Peak Assault and how many people are in a team?

Peak Assault is open to anyone over the age of 14. There are five types of teams that can be entered.

  • Explorer Scout Teams: Must be between 14 and under 18, consisting of 4 - 7 members, 2 or more of which must be over 16.

  • Explorer Scout Training Teams: Between 14 and under 18, consisting of 3 - 6 members plus an Adult Leader walking with them. (Up to 2 members can be between 13 and 14 to encourage links to Scout Troops)

  • Scout Network Teams: Must be between 18 and under 25, consisting of 4 - 7 members and must all be members of a Scout Network.

  • Senior Teams: Must be between 18 and over, consisting of 4 - 7 members and is for teams with members who are not eligible for the Network competition i.e. those with some or all members over 25.

Visitor Teams 

Visitor Teams are: a) teams from Scouting outside Hertfordshire or b) Other organisations (e.g. Girl Guiding, Cadets from Hertfordshire or elsewhere). Visitor teams are welcome in any of the above classes provided they fulfil the relevant criteria. All members of a Visitor Team must be members of the visiting organisation. Visiting Teams should satisfy their own organisations activity (c.f. Scout Association POR 9.1 Activity Rules etc.) and safeguarding requirements and prepare accordingly. 


General Information

The General Information, Leader and Parent Information linked to this page relate to the 2023 event. Please use for information only. Please use the email address at the bottom of the page if you have any questions.

Further documents to help with explaining the event and how it runs are also available below.

Kit List and Kit Videos

The Kit List linked to this page is the 2023 document. It is not envisaged that there will be many changes. The 2024 List will be available soon. Please use this one for reference only.  The Kit List can be found here. Any queries on kit requirements, please contact Richard Hayward, Please watch the videos for advice on key items (Waterproofs, Boots and Sleeping Bags)


Booking is not yet open. We aim to have this open by the end of June and will communicate widely when it is.


For any further questions, please contact


We hope to see you at Peak Assault 2024

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